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What is a password?

A password is a string of characters which is used to verify the identity of a user to gain access to a computer, application, or system.

What is a strong password?

Using a secure password is an critical for protecting your online account identify hacking. Password is strong if it has at-least 12 or more characters mixed with letters, numbers, and symbols.

How to create a strong password?

The best and easy way to create strong and secure password is to use above Password Generator tool.

Simply Click at Generate Password and you will get it instantly. You can securely copy the password by clicking the small icon next to Your New Password.

Is it safe to copy password from this site?

Yes, of course! All data connections between your browser and our server are secured by an SSL certificate. It means no one can see our tramistted data over internet. Furthermore, we are using client side technology to create strong password. The piece of code (Jave Script) run inside your browser to generate passwords. We respect your privacy. UseMyTools.Net is not using, storing or collecting your passwords.

Is this password secured?

Yes, we are using crypto getRandomValues function that gives cryptographically strong random values. Furthermore we are shuffling our characters set at each iteration to reduce same character occurrence probability.

I need more options to this tool.

You are most welcome, to give suggestions and rquest improvements. We listen to you. Plese use our Contact Us page and we will entertain your request.

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