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What is Pdf Converter?

Pdf Converter is the simple, easy and fast tool to convert any file to Pdf format like Microsoft Office documents (doc, docx), images (png, jpeg) or text file.

How Pdf Converter works?

Super Easy. Just drag and drop your file and you are done. It is compatible with all devices including iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows and Linux.

What is a Pdf?

Portable Document Format (PDF) is a file format which is used to share and view documents independent of software, hardware, or operating system.

Do I need any special software to use this tool?

No. Pdf Converter is complete online solution. You do not need to register or install a software. Our mobile friendly site works perfectly on all devices and popular browsers: IE, Firefox, Chrome and Opera.

Is it FREE service?

Yes of course! UseMyTools are obsoletely free. We are building tools to make your daily life easier.

Is it safe to use this site?

Yes of course! All data connections between your browser and our server are secured by an SSL certificate. It means no one can see our tramistted data over internet. Furthermore, we automatically delete all your files from our server. We respect your privacy. UseMyTools.Net is not using, storing or collecting your data.

What technologies are you using to generate Pdf?

This tool relies on Opensource libraries like OpenPDF, Apache POI, xdocreport, docx4j and odfdom to generate pdf. The output format may not always be what you desire.

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It is compatible with all devices including iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows and Linux.

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