What is My IP? States MY IP address location is United States

What is an IP Address?

A. An IP address (Internet Protocol address) is an identifying number for a network hardware device that uses the Internet Protocol (IP) for communication.

What is My IP Address?

What is My IP Location?

United States

What is My Geolocation?

Latitude at 39.044N and Longitude at -77.487W

What is My Public IP Address?

What is My Private or Local IP Address?

Private or local (in-house) IP address is different from your public IP address which is at this time. You can get your private IP address information from your network device properties.

What is My Router IP Address?

Your router public IP address is This is the same address through which you are connected through the Internet at this time.

Why My IP Address Changed?

Mostly ISP (Internet service provider) assign dynamic IP address to connect through the Internet. Such IP address changed each time when your network device (typically your router) is restarted or disconnected or your IP address lease time is expired.

How Can I change MY IP Address?

Simply restart your network router through which you are connected through the Internet. This will work in most cases otherwise you can consult with your ISP to change your static IP address.

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